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Using Your Credit Card Abroad: Everything You Need to Know

Gone are the days of using traveller’s checks while visiting a new country. Nowadays, we avoid the hassle of converting […]


Is Travel Insurance Mandatory?

Going on a trip is not as easy as just packing a swimsuit and sunglasses and call it a day! […]


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Tips for traveling safely, suggested steps in your travel preparations so that you can leave worry free. World Escapade Travel Insurance is there so that you can be well prepared for your adventure.

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About us

Escapade Travel Insurance is a life and health insurance firm, based in the province of Québec, Canada. Escapade Travel Insurance has acquired expertise in travel and expatriate insurance over the past thirty years. We stand out from conventional brokers because we offer our clients customized solutions that are adapted to their needs. is our Web-oriented platform for young travellers who want medical coverage outside of their country of origin. is unique in that we virtually can insure travellers for trips to virtually any country and destination (Please see your insurance policy). Being able to request online a travel insurance modification makes our insurance solutions even more attractive to individuals.