Credit card insurance – Limitations when traveling

When you leave on your trip, do you think you are sufficiently insured by your credit card? The following are some explanations to fully understand the limitations of credit card insurance and the importance of taking out international travel insurance.

There are two types of benefits: non-medical benefits (luggage, cancellation, delay and civil responsibility) and medical benefits (death/disability, medical costs in case of accident or illness, medical repatriation, etc.)

Your credit card abroad

Each card has its special conditions. Make sure you understand the benefits/limitations of yours.

Ask the right questions

• Must you pay your trip in full with your credit card to take advantage of its coverage?
• Are you covered for pre-existing medical conditions?
• Does coverage vary according to age?
• What is the period of stability?
• What is the maximum amount of travel insurance coverage for medical costs?
• Is there a deductible to pay?
• If you decide to extend your stay, will your protection be extended?
• Are there conditions?
• What is the maximum number of days covered for a trip?
• Is the cancellation or trip interruption provided by the plan?

Who is covered by your credit card?

Most cards cover the cardholder, spouse and dependent children, meaning: your child or your grandchild or those of your spouse, being older than 15 days and younger than 18 years. If the child attends an educational institution, he will be considered in your charge if he is 24 years old or less. To be covered, you must travel with the cardholder.


In order to be eligible for guarantees, you must generally have paid for your trip in full with the credit card (according to banks), and very often, these guarantees are optional, being a supplement, or can be limited to a maximum amount. It is essential, before paying for medical costs abroad, to make contact with the insurer. Otherwise, the insurer may decide to reduce the refund amount for the expenses that he has not authorized. Generally speaking, if your account is in arrears, you may not be eligible for guarantees.

Limitations for coverage

• You are covered only for your trips in which the duration is equal to or less than the number of days indicated on your credit card’s protection chart. For example, depending on your age, with Desjardins Odyssée credit card, a person who is 59 years-old or younger is entitled to 48 days of coverage; from 60 to 64 years, the maximum is 23 days; from 65 to 75 years, the maximum is 15 days; from 76 years and older, this card does not cover you for medical expenses.
• The amounts related to cancellation insurance are often fixed at a maximum amount, in several cases $2,000.
• Protection for baggage provides for compensation only in cases where luggage has been registered with a public transporter.
• It is not possible to cover your pre-existing health conditions that were not stable in the six months prior to your departure date.

The advantages of buying travel insurance with Escapade Travel Insurance

• You receive personalized coverage, advice and service from our expert consultants.
• The baggage insurance offers coverage for your personal items in case of theft, loss or damage during your trip and at destination.
• By subscribing to a cancellation guarantee, you are covered for a large number of cases for canceling your trip and the guarantee limits are much higher.
• You can be insured for your unstable health conditions.
• You can travel the number of days you wish, without limitations with respect to your age.

To learn more about credit card insurance

To learn more about guarantees and specific exclusions to your credit card, check your financial institution’s website, and more specifically their travel insurance section.