The SEP – Student Exchange Program

In order to encourage relations between people of different countries and cultures, Quebec universities under the BCI banner, have established student exchange programs with more than 500 university level institutions outside of Canada. The Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire is a permanent forum for exchange and cooperation which offers senior university administrators a platform to share their experiences, problems and perspectives with their peers.

Study abroad, an outstanding experience

These programs allow students enrolled in a university in Canada (Home institution) to pursue part of their studies in a university abroad (Host institution). Generally, exchange visits are for one semester. You can apply for two or three quarters but the entire stay cannot exceed one year. An experience that makes you acquire very interesting skills for employers.

Who can participate?

This exchange program is open to all students enrolled full-time at a university registered under the SEP Convention. Applicants must meet certain criterias, such as have completed the equivalent of at least one year (full-time) in the study program in which they are enrolled, have a good academic record and master the language of the host institution.

Benefits of this student program

By participating in the Student Exchange Program, students:
• remain enrolled at their home institution;
• pay the usual tuition of their home institution and not the tuition of the host institution;
• earn credits from the host institution towards their degree from the home institution;
• if applicable, continue to receive financial aid for which they are eligible as students of their home institution.

How does it work?

First of all, you should contact the Coordinator of International Recruitment, Admissions, and Exchange Programs at your institution. They will give you a code allowing you to download an application form online. You then need to send this form to the head of exchanges and they will forward your application to the host institutions.

For more information about the SEP – Student Exchange Program

Official website of the SEP – Student Exchange Program.