Your travel insurance coverage abroad

When you leave your province of residence, you are no longer covered by your provincial health insurance plan. In case of an accident or an illness abroad, you will have peace of mind if you have purchased travel insurance prior to departure. We recommend you to call one of our representatives who will advise you on the best travel insurance policy suited to your situation.

Why purchase travel insurance?

1- Your provincial health coverage does not protect you while abroad

Provincial health insurance plans cover only a small portion of the medical expenses abroad. If you do not take private insurance, you will have to advance the costs and wait for an eventual refund. It’s always better to purchase travel insurance before departure and protect your health as well as your finances.

2- Your collective insurance plan or credit card might not protect you entirely

Inform yourself on the periods of coverage and the limitations of your Collective or your credit card insurance plan. If you decide to extend your stay, could your coverage be extended? Guarantees may be limited and some of your health conditions may be excluded. Check if the coverage excludes emergency medical care due to preexisting conditions or conditions related to the use of a new medication.

3- Access to health care in some countries

Did you know that:

• Hospitalization in the United States can cost tens of thousands of dollars.
• Depending on the country, access to health care in the public sector can take several days or even weeks.
• Some hospitals require that you submit your credit card as a guarantee before they start giving you medical attention.
• The failing healthcare infrastructures in some countries encourage people to turn to expensive private clinics.

What are the guarantees of emergency medical insurance?

For an accident as well as for a disease, you can count on coverage for all the following expenses:
• Hospitalization
• Physician Fees
• Diagnostic services recommended by a physician (laboratory, x-ray, etc.)
• Paramedical health services
• Prescription drugs
• Dental Care
• Repatriation in case of death

To find out more about your travel insurance coverage

Contact one of our consultants and benefit from our expertise or consult the Guide to Travel Health Insurance offered by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. (CLHIA).