Escapade Travel Insurance is a life and health insurance firm, based in the province of Québec, Canada.

Escapade Travel Insurance has acquired expertise in travel and expatriate insurance over the past thirty years. We stand out from conventional brokers because we offer our clients customized solutions that are adapted to their needs.

We have thousands of clients of all ages who travel to a host of destinations:

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migrating south to escape the winter

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Professional corporations

wishing to give added value to their members

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Interest groups

that seek a customized solution

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Schools, universities

and student groups

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who require specialized solutions (war risk, disability, etc.)

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Impatriates and Visitors to Canada

(including insurances for Super Visa)

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that need to cover associates

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Young, active travellers

who want low-cost, quality coverage

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looking for insurance for their world tour

ViaEscapade.com s our Web-oriented platform for young travellers who want medical coverage outside of their country of origin. ViaEscapade.com is unique in that we virtually can insure travellers for trips to virtually any country and destination (Please see your insurance policy). Being able to request online a travel insurance modification makes our insurance solutions even more attractive to individuals.



We strive to ensure that each traveler or expatriate leave with peace of mind, with the guarantee to have adequate coverage, support and guidance of the entire team of Escapade Travel Insurance, formed with the requirements of mobility and health internationally.


We are dedicated to providing our clients with medical insurance that covers them from the first dollar of medical expenses incurred, with or without deductible, so their health is protected against all risks when they are traveling or living abroad. Our benefits can be customized to their profile and needs, as well as the sanitary conditions of their country of destination and local health care costs. In addition to medical insurance and assistance, we also offer Trip Cancelation, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Personal Property Coverage, and Luggage Insurance.


Escapade Travel Insurance is the spokesperson at all stages of the life of an insurance contract.

Each year Escapade Travel Insurance call center responds to thousands of calls from customers seeking coverage for their trip and short or long visits abroad.

During the subscription period, our team, experienced and bilingual, is dedicated exclusively to health protection abroad. The diagnosis of needs and analysis of health status if necessary, allow us to guide our customers through our product range to obtain the adequate coverage.

We represent a new generation of negotiators, more attentive and responsive, providing customers with the services necessary to make adjustments to existing contracts according to their changing needs.

When a medical claim occurs, we remain at the client disposal to assist them in their course of action, help clarify the interpretation of the guarantees and be the spokesperson to defend the fair application of these guarantees.

The values we live by at Escapade Travel Insurance