22April, 2018

Using Your Credit Card Abroad: Everything You Need to Know

Gone are the days of using traveller's checks while visiting a new country. Nowadays, we avoid the hassle of converting foreign currencies by using mostly plastic money. Although there are still a few remote places around the world where you will need cash, you should

9April, 2018

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory?

Going on a trip is not as easy as just packing a swimsuit and sunglasses and call it a day! There is a lot of planning involved, including making a travel budget, creating an itinerary, checking visa requirements and getting the proper immunizations at a

2April, 2018

Planning a Round-the-World Trip: 7 Questions to Ask

You want to travel the world but you have no idea where to start? If you presume that a round-the-world trip is an unattainable dream that can only be considered if you’re very wealthy, think again! Contrary to popular belief, going around the world is

26December, 2017

Snowbird insurance is never frozen in time

Whether or not to take out medical insurance when you are a retired traveler is a question that is becoming less of an issue in 2018. Travel insurance is perceived as must-have protection for any Snowbird traveler, whether they are traveling for a short or

4December, 2017

Tropical Diseases: What You Need to Know About Dengue

What’s worse: a mosquito or a Great White shark? For starters, the chances of getting bit by a mosquito are much higher than being bit by a shark. Furthermore, in the last few decades, mosquitoes have been recognized as one of the deadliest animals on

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