26December, 2017

Snowbird insurance is never frozen in time

Whether or not to take out medical insurance when you are a retired traveler is a question that is becoming less of an issue in 2018. Travel insurance is perceived as must-have protection for any Snowbird traveler, whether they are traveling for a short or

4December, 2017

Tropical Diseases: What You Need to Know About Dengue

What’s worse: a mosquito or a Great White shark? For starters, the chances of getting bit by a mosquito are much higher than being bit by a shark. Furthermore, in the last few decades, mosquitoes have been recognized as one of the deadliest animals on

28November, 2017

5 Things to Consider Before Moving Abroad

Travelling to a destination and making the commitment to move your entire life there are two completely different things! When visiting a new country as a tourist, you only get to scratch the surface of what the place has to offer. You might spend your

19October, 2017

Top 12 International Destinations for Canadians Snowbirds (beside Florida)

One perk of retirement is having the luxury of deciding where to spend those cold winter months. Picking an affordable tropical destination where you can enjoy a pleasing weather and a bustling community can be quite the task. For thousands of Canadian snowbirds, the choice

12September, 2017

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance

To get or not to get travel insurance, that is the question. As many people start planning their trip, whether during the budgeting phase or as a last-minute decision, the consideration of subscribing to a travel insurance will inevitably pop up. Some might view it

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