1February, 2017

Trekking: 7 key questions to prepare for your adventure

Discover a country walk, it's magic. Feel dwarfed in the vastness of the mountains, it is priceless. The hike takes you back to the basics, it's good for the body and mind. Good preparation is required for a hike, to limit the risks, whether for

24January, 2017

Demystifying the concept of medical conditions

Travel insurance is a protection against health expenses abroad following an accident or sudden illness. This is insurance that covers the person's health. Insurance's aim is to warn us of future hazards. Therefore, there are restrictions on the medical conditions for people wishing subscribe a

18January, 2017

Scuba Diving and Travel Insurance: all you need to know

Ah Scuba diving! How better to discover what is under the blue vastness that surrounds us. We explore these salty (or sweet!) lands that very few people have traveled before us, we meet large and small creatures, we discover a world which is more than

22December, 2016

7 things to plan before you travel

After weeks of waiting, the long awaited moment has finally arrived: the ticket is purchased and the big trip approaches! From one point of view, the hardest part is already done: the project has turned into reality. But speaking of reality... it is important not

16December, 2016

7 Challenges to working abroad

Regardless of your country of residence and regardless of the expatriation country, looking for work experience abroad consists of similar challenges. Unless you are assigned abroad by your employer or if you have been recruited remotely, seeking employment abroad is not easy. Those who go

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