16December, 2016

What to do in case of theft while traveling?

You are on a trip to Bali with friends to start surfing, sunbathe on paradisiacal beaches and immerse yourself in the Indonesian culture. Returning to your hostel, you realize that the locker in your room, where you left your wallet, your laptop and your camera,

22November, 2016

5 things to prepare for a ski trip

Winter is coming fast ... Good joke! Winter has already started in many parts of the country. While for some that are in perpetual search of the sun and the heat - it is a curse, others are looking forward to start their favorite sports

17November, 2016

6 essential preparations before moving abroad

To organize your life in a new country is both exciting and stressful. You become an expatriate. You usually keep all your attention on the life that awaits you. You struggle to make arrangements for your future home or new vehicle for example. For a

18October, 2016

How to make a travel insurance medical claim?

The bad press when paying insurance claims Every insured person has already heard it said that the insurance companies do not always properly repay when an accident occurs. Even if the reimbursement rules are specifically listed but due to the fastidious way of insurance contracts,

2October, 2016

7 keys to understanding international driving permits

1. What is an international driving permit? The international driving permit or IDP has information from the usual driving license translated into ten languages. The languages are English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Arabic, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese. The holder thus has a new photo

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