Frequently Asked Questions

Travel insurance provides financial protection in case of medical expenses that may arise during a trip when you are outside of your province or country of residence. In an emergency situation where you need to visit a doctor or be hospitalized, you are accountable for the payment. Even if you are covered by a public health insurance plan in your province or country of residence, the cost of medical expenses remains very partial. Unless you have personal travel insurance to cover the difference, the cost of health care can quickly become a burden on your personal finances.
Depending on the length of your trip abroad, it is your responsibility to find out whether you will remain covered by your public insurance plan for the entire trip. Each public insurance plan reimburses hospital services following a sudden illness or an accident according to established amounts. These amounts are fixed and do not take into account the reality of health care in the country visited. Coverage of your public health insurance plan should only be understood as being partial.
Protection usually begins at the date and time you leave your province or territory of residence. However, if your travel insurance contract includes a cancellation and trip interruption guarantee, the effective date is not the date of departure but the date of subscription. As of the date of purchase and before the departure date, you are protected in case of events that could lead to the cancellation of your trip. Your effective date is clearly indicated on your insurance certificate. We invited you to refer to it.
For some travel insurance, it is possible to subscribe after leaving your province or country of residence. In this case, any sickness that manifests during the waiting period after the effective date is not covered, even if the related expenses are incurred after this period. Please refer to your policy wording to learn the terms and conditions of this waiting period when the contract authorizes subscription after departure.
Your travel insurance usually ends on the day you return to your province or country of residence. When you set your travel dates, the policy must show the date of departure and the date of return to your province or country of residence. The coverage ends the moment you enter the territory of your Canadian province or country of residence if it is not Canada.
If you wish to extend your travel insurance after leaving your province or country of residence, you can request an extension of your coverage if you:

a) purchase the additional protection before your policy expires; and
b) you are in good health; and
c) you have no reason to seek medical consultation during the new period of coverage.

If you have submitted a claim, we must review your file before allowing an extension of coverage.
Each policy or period of insurance constitutes a distinct contract. We reserve the right to refuse any application for extension.

As soon as you are planning a trip outside your province or country of residence, we recommend you begin to make inquiries about medical protection. If you travel insurance is included in your group insurance plan, make sure it covers your entire trip, all the risks inherent in the destination you are visiting as well as your potential pre-existing health conditions. You may need a complementary travel insurance or a complete travel insurance where necessary.

Please noted that your travel insurance may requires a period of medical stability before the intended date of departure. Travel insurance should not be purchased at the last minute, so take time with a representative to evaluate your needs and your medical situation in order to compare all the possible insurance options.

If you are looking for a guarantee in case of trip cancellation, it is recommended to buy your insurance as soon as possible after your travel reservations in order to take advantage of the protection.

Travel insurance can be purchased for a maximum period of 183 days or 365 days if your public health insurance plan maintains your registration until 365 days.

For multi-trip insurance, the maximum duration per trip for an annual policy varies from one plan to another. Please contact an Escapade Travel Insurance representative to learn more about the different length option for an annual plan.

All travel insurance includes exclusions concerning pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is defined as a medical condition and symptoms that exist on or before the effective date or departure date. It is essential to check the impact of these exclusions on your protection in relation to your departure date, purchase date, and effective date.

Each travel insurance policy has its own definition of pre-existing condition in relation to illness, injury, or health problem, or otherwise diagnosed by a doctor. Please review carefully the section of your policy wording pertaining to these conditions.

The exclusions for pre-existing states conditions may vary depending on your age at the time of your departure. Please review carefully the section of your policy wording pertaining to these exclusions.

After purchasing a travel insurance contract, you have a legal retraction period of ten (10) days following the date of purchase to cancel. No cancellation fee will be applied during this period.

Beyond this grace period and provided the policy has not yet started, any cancellation request must be submitted prior to the effective date of the policy. Please review your insurance certificate for applicable administrative fees.

A travel insurance policy comes into effect on the date of departure if it does not contain a cancellation or trip interruption guarantee. Otherwise, the contract is declared effective the day you purchase the policy and you only have the statutory period of ten (10) days to submitted a cancellation request.

It is your responsibility to read your travel insurance policy in full and to understand the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions.

If you apply for a policy online, you have read-write access of the contract before you validate your purchase. You must acknowledge having read and accept the terms.

You also have a legal retraction period of ten (10) days following your subscription online or purchase by phone with one of our representatives to read and examine your contract. If something seems unclear or confusing, you should contact one of our representatives to get answers to your questions.