Expatriates Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency medical care and war risk are covered worldwide by this insurance. Only Syria is excluded. Insurance premiums are based on the duration and destination of the stay. Should your trip abroad include stays in several countries, your insurance quote will be based on the destination country that is most at risk.
Insurance premium rates consider three main criteria when rating the risk level of the destination country. The first criterion is a country’s geopolitical situation, which directly affects the safety of an international expatriate and influence the degree of exposure to war risk, mob violence, or criminal acts. Secondly, premiums are based on the cost of local healthcare. Third and lastly, consideration is given to the health establishment network and the quality of the treatments received. In an area where healthcare services rarely or never meet international standards, the policyholder will have to be transported to another country as necessary; this factor has a direct effect on the insurance premium set for this destination.
By selecting the destination option “Risk area/special risks/expatriates,” you will have access to the coverage clauses related to the medical impact of acts of war, mob violence and other situations related to war risk.
Coverage under the international expatriate plan is available for individuals 74 years old and under.
If your insurance policy is already in force, it can be extended provided that you meet all these criteria:

  1. You present your extension request or subscription for additional insurance at least five (5) business days before the date on which your ongoing insurance period expires.
  2. No event that involved or that could involve an insurance claim under the terms of the ongoing insurance policy occurred.
  3. Your health status has not changed.
  4. At the time of making your request, there are no reasons that require that you seek to receive medical care during the period of the coverage extension.

The policyholder must personally call an Escapade Travel Insurance agent to request the extension of her or his insurance policy.

All cancellation requests must be made in accordance with the provisions of your insurance contract, and before the date that your insurance policy comes into force. If a request is made within ten (10) days of the purchase date, there are no cancellation fees. Any premium refund request made after this ten (10) day deadline will be subject to fees as detailed in your insurance certificate.
If your insurance plan is already in force when you inform us that your return date has changed resulting in a shorter trip, contract-specific cancellation fees will apply and will be deducted from any eligible premium refund, if applicable. You will be required to certify in writing that you have no medical claims and are not holding any pending claims to be subsequently forwarded to the insurer. An acceptable proof of trip return will be required. The new deemed date of termination of the contract will depend on the insurance policy to which you subscribed. Please refer to your insurance certificate.
You must notify us of any changes made to travel dates in accordance with the provisions of your insurance contract, and before the date your policy comes into force. There are no applicable fees in this case. If the changes lead to the extension of your trip, any additional days will be invoiced according to a minimal premium. If it shortens the length of your trip, the difference according to the number of days by which your trip is shortened will be refunded to you in accordance with the limit of the variable minimal premium stipulated in your insurance contract. Please refer to your insurance certificate concerning applicable fees in such cases.
If you subscribed to the emergency medical healthcare plan for expatriates, the name of all countries that you visit, including countries of transit, must be stated in your initial declaration. Travel insurance premium rates are based on the country most at risk. If, during your trip, you need to add a destination, you will be required to contact one of our agents beforehand so it can be added to your insurance contract. This will not increase your insurance premium provided that this country does not surpass, in risk, the country that is most at the risk according to your initial declaration concerning your destinations.