Frequently Asked Questions from Visitors to Canada

Yes, you can buy one of our insurance plans even if you are already in Canadian territory. A 24-hour waiting period will apply. Healthcare for symptoms that appear during the 48 hours following the purchase of insurance is not covered. Medical emergencies ensuing from an accident are subject to no waiting period.
We offer several insurance solutions for visitors to Canada. The age limit varies depending on the insurance plan. In addition, medical stability requirements will differ according to your age group. For any age-related questions, please refer to the wording of our insurance policies. Our agents will be more than happy to be of assistance, and can be reached by telephone or email as needed.
We offer three types of comprehensive coverage, up to $50,000, $100,000, or $150,000. Emergency medical and hospital expenses are covered at 100% of their actual costs for up to the total amount of coverage that you selected. A deductible may apply depending on the selected plan.
There are no restrictions or limitations as to the province you visit. Insurance for visitors to Canada allows you to travel across the country.
With insurance for visitors to Canada or super visa holders, you can travel outside Canada, as long as you spend most of your stay in Canada. Expenses incurred for a trip to the United States will be covered subject to this restriction. The stay during which the insurance plan is in force must start and finish in Canada. Conditions regarding stays outside Canada will differ depending on the contract; for more details, please refer to the provisions of your insurance plan.
Certain types of insurance contracts for visitors to Canada will remain in force while you are in your home country; however, the expenses incurred while you are in your home country are not covered. For other types of contracts, your insurance coverage will automatically end on the day you return to your home country. Please carefully read the relevant provisions of your insurance policy.
If you return to your home country before your insurance plan expires and do not intend to return to Canada, you may be eligible for a partial refund of your insurance premium. You will be required to certify in writing that you have made no medical claims and are not holding any pending claims to be subsequently forwarded to the insurer. Please refer to your insurance certificate for more details on mandatory requirements. Cancellation charges will apply. Periods during which you return to your home country in between your stays in Canada are not eligible for any premium refund.
You may buy all of our coverage plans for visitors to Canada and super visa holders directly on our website. You can also buy insurance by telephone through our customer service team. Insurance premium amounts are stated in Canadian dollars. All total or partial purchases or premium refunds will be processed in Canadian dollars.