Journalists Frequently Asked Questions

No, journalists must purchase insurance before leaving their country of residence. If you are currently outside your province of residence, please contact us so that we can help you assess your situation.
If your insurance is already in force, it can be extended, provided that you meet all these criteria:

  1. You present your request to extend your policy or to purchase an additional insurance policy at least five (5) days before your current insurance expires.
  2. No event occurred that involved or that could involve an insurance claim under the terms of the current insurance.
  3. No change occurred in your health status.
  4. At the time you made your request, there was no reason requiring you to seek medical care for the extended period of coverage.

The policyholder must personally contact an Escapade Travel Insurance agent by telephone to request an insurance contract extension. Insurance extensions are limited to the maximum length allowed according to the contract provisions; please refer to your insurance policy with regard to the maximum period of coverage.

Any request for cancelation must be made before the date that your insurance policy comes into force. If the request is made within ten (10) days of the purchase date, there are no cancelation fees. Any premium refund request made after the ten (10) day period will be subject to fees as outlined in your insurance certificate.
The Essential Single Trip and Reinforced options are medical insurance and therefore do not include any restrictions regarding the reason for your cancelation. Whether because of administrative difficulties, schedule changes or personal reasons, you can take advantage of the provisions in your insurance policy in the event of a cancelation by following the previously outlined terms and conditions.

With regard to the Multi-risk Essential option that covers the cost of your plane tickets in the event of a trip cancelation, applicable clauses are those stated in your contract. Please refer to your insurance policy to check if you are eligible.

If your insurance is already in force when you inform us that your return date has been moved forward, policy-specific cancelation fees will apply and will be deducted from any applicable premium refund. You will be required to certify in writing that you have no medical claims and are not holding any pending claims to be subsequently forwarded to the insurer. You will be required to present an acceptable proof of return. The new date the contract will be deemed terminated will be the date on which the request for a refund due to early return was made. Please refer to your insurance certificate concerning applicable fees in such cases.
Any travel date modification must be made in accordance with the provisions of your insurance contract, before the date that your insurance policy comes into force. There are no applicable fees in this case. If the modification extends the length of your trip, you will be charged any additional days in accordance with a minimum premium. If this modification shortens the length of your trip, the difference in the number of days by which your trip is shortened will be refunded to you in accordance with the limit of the variable minimum premium stipulated in your insurance contract. Please refer to your insurance certificate concerning applicable fees in such cases.
In all cases, the maximum period shall not exceed three hundred sixty-five (365) consecutive days. To obtain coverage for a period exceeding one year, please contact the call center for advice on the insurance solution that meets your specific needs.
The age limit varies depending on the travel insurance contract you have purchased. This limit is sixty-three (63) years for the Essential option and seventy-four (74) years for the Reinforced option. For other travel insurance, please refer to the coverage summary for each insurance policy.
Insurance premium payments are usually made through a credit card. If necessary, any partial or total premium refunds will be processed exclusively with the credit card number used to purchase the original contract.
For the Essential option, depending on which of the two options is chosen, the scope of territoriality is worldwide with the inclusion of Canada and the United States, or worldwide with the exclusion of Canada and the United States. If you modify the destinations of your itinerary after your travel insurance comes into force so that one of the countries excluded from the Essential option is added, you will need to purchase the Reinforced option to obtain the coverage that corresponds to the period you will be staying in that country. If the additional destination is in the United States or Canada and you purchased the “Worldwide with the exclusion of Canada and the United States” option, please contact our call center in order to have your insurance premium adjusted.

If you have selected the Reinforced option, you will have declared the names of all the countries you will be visiting, including any stopovers. Travel insurance premiums are based on the most high-risk country. If you add a destination during your travels, you will be required to contact one of our agents beforehand in order to have this destination added to your insurance contract. Your insurance premium will not increase, provided that the newly added country does not have a higher level of risk than the highest-risk country according to the initial declaration of your destinations.