Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada and super visa

Each year, over 35 million people come to Canada to discover all the possibilities that our country has to offer. The many reasons for their visits include:

  • Tourism
  • Visiting children and grandchildren
  • Business trips
  • Extending an ongoing stay in Canada to take advantage of a status before it expires
  • Stopovers in Canada on the way to another final destination
  • Student stays
  • Stays as a temporary worker with a work permit
  • Stays as a permanent or temporary resident holding a visa

The vast majority of visitors to Canada need full travel insurance coverage for all or part of their stay. If you are one such traveler, you will not be covered by provincial health insurance plans. Standard rates for healthcare services are set by each province-specific public plan. However, people seeking care who are not registered and not eligible for the public plan are charged the non-standard fees set forth by health professionals, which can be very high. Moreover, many clinics and hospitals will charge $500 or $1,000 in cases where a visitor to Canada arrives at the emergency department with no health insurance.

Luckily, it is very easy to take out a complete and very affordable health insurance plan to cover your stay in Canada. Medical services, hospitalizations and prescription drugs will then be paid for based on the level of coverage you selected. This way, you will be protected from the consequences of an accident or unforeseen disease that could occur while you are in Canada.

Our insurance plans for visitors to Canada provide protection against emergency medical expenses that could arise during your stay. This includes doctor consultation fees and stays in a private clinic or a hospital. Emergency air ambulance coverage is your best guarantee that you will not be left to your own devices if your health status prevents you from remaining in Canada. Dental care coverage in the event of an accident is an essential additional protection, considering the high cost of dental care in Canada.

If your stay in Canada is temporary, these insurance plans will give you peace of mind so you can make the most of your visit.

If you are in the process of registering for a provincial health insurance plan, you must arrange for emergency medical insurance to cover the necessary three- or four-month period between the date you arrive in Canada and the date your registration comes into force. Unless your country of origin has a reciprocal arrangement with Canada, your application will be subject to this waiting period when you arrive.

Thanks to the super visa program, it is possible to come to Canada to visit one’s family for an extended period. To apply for a super visa, you must be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. You must also be authorized to enter Canada.

Several factors go into the evaluation of your super visa application. You will have to prove that your child or grandchild residing in Canada has enough income to pay for your expenses during your stay. You must also obtain a written commitment of financial support from your child or grandchild.

Your health status will also be taken into account. You will have to undergo a preliminary medical examination. This medical examination cannot be carried out by your own doctor. The report of your health status must be issued by a doctor appointed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The results of this report will be valid for 12 months only. If your visit to Canada does not take place during the report’s validity period, you will then have to undergo another medical examination. You may request a copy, but the doctor’s report will be forwarded directly to the administrative department in charge of your super visa application.

Last but not least, you must provide, along with your super visa application, a travel insurance policy issued by a Canadian insurer that will cover your emergency medical expenses for a minimum of one year.

Escapade Travel Insurance offers you several insurance solutions, each of which meets the coverage criteria set out by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Your insurance must provide comprehensive coverage for a minimum of CAN$100,000. We offer you a wide array of travel insurance plans with or without deductible, and with or without coverage for pre-existing stable medical conditions. To learn more about the coverage details, terms, and conditions of our super visa insurance plans, please click on the following link:

Online quote for super visa

Because of the multiple requirements of the various programs making it possible to come to Canada, picking the right medical insurance plan is not always easy. Choosing the wrong medical coverage can delay your super visa application. Your application will be processed by an immigration officer, and processing times may vary. Accordingly, it is essential that your application file include travel insurance coverage that matches the duration and the level of coverage required for the desired type of visa.

Our call center representatives will be more than happy to recommend the appropriate plan and to answer all of your questions.

Toll-free in Canada and the United States • 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST

Worldwide • 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST

In the event of an accident, wound, or disease, the insurance claim process may include an evaluation of your medical history. That is why it is important for you to be fully aware of your health status before taking out travel insurance. Some insurance solutions cover medical conditions that have been stable for a certain number of days prior to the effective date of your plan. Medical stability requirements will vary according to your age. Other insurance solutions will exclude any pre-existing medical condition beyond a certain age. Being aware of these eligibility clauses will enable you to understand what will or will not be covered in the event of health issues.

If your health status should change between the date on which you take out insurance for visitors to Canada and the date of your departure or the date your insurance comes into force, please contact us before you leave. Our representatives will help you to fully understand how changes in your health status will impact the protection offered by your plan. Such changes could reduce the conditions concerning services to which you are entitled, or could result in the dismissal of your claim.

In the event of a medical emergency during your stay, you must contact our support center before seeking care. The phone numbers are listed as an emergency card in your insurance certificate. Unless the emergency is such that neither you nor a friend or relative can call the support center beforehand, failure to contact the support center will delay the processing and payment of your insurance claim, and could reduce the number of benefits to which you are entitled.

The support center, open 24/7, must approve any surgical procedure or medical treatment beforehand. This requirement does not apply in extreme cases where waiting for a preliminary approval would delay a surgical procedure to correct a serious life-threatening situation.

Lastly, insurance does not generally cover medical or hospital treatments if the stay is purposed to obtain these medical or hospital services, regardless of whether or not the trip was recommended by a doctor.